Tips for protecting your furniture from stains

Sofa stains are very common across the world. And if you have invested in a new sofa or ottoman, in the initial days you are bound to be extra careful with it! However, what after a few days? One tends to get complacent with the cleaning routine once a few months have passed after you bought in the new sofa! Protecting the furniture from stains is very important.

Learning the correct sofa fabric protection service techniques for safeguarding your furniture from stains can be stressful, but essential if there are four-legged friends, and kids at your place. Protecting your furniture from unsolicited stains will definitely up its durability but also making it look brand new in the forthcoming years. Read on to get acquainted with the best techniques for protecting your furniture from stains.

1. Use upholstery protection Sydney

Pretreating furniture with a good-quality sofa fabric protection service is helpful right from the start. It creates an unseen defence between the upholstery and any staining object that it is likely to come in contact with.

This shield protects upholstery from anything entering inside immediately, giving you plenty of time in between to wipe it out without any problem.

2. Clean your Furniture Regularly

One other way to protect upholstery from staining is to dust and clean your furniture regularly. Does not matter if it is with a furniture-specific product or mere vacuuming. The more times you clean the upholstery, the less likelier it is to catch stains.

Vacuuming stops food crumbs and the oil in them to set themselves into the fabric of the upholstery. Cleaning with an upholstery product can loosen and remove any stuck dirt from the sofa.

If the stains still persist even after trying out these tips calling in the experts for sofa stain removal Sydney is always a better choice.

3. Use proper protective covers

Using matching covers on the sofas can help protect the fabric below from catching stains. You can find fabric covers for couches and sofas at many online and offline stores. If you have pets then you need to train them to not jump on the couches or only sit on one when there’s the cover on. It is a good practice create healthy boundaries for them but guarding your upholstery too.

4. Select your upholstery fabric sensibly

Choose the sofa fabric while buying a sofa. Microfiber, for instance is a stain-resistant one that can fight off stains. Alternatively, sofas that come with a removable cover are also great since you would be able to remove the covers for washing and drying before putting them back on.

5. Change Your Habits

But tweaking a few of your everyday habits can mean a huge difference for your upholstery. Majority of the stains come from pasty foods. Not dining and wining in the drawing room or sitting on the floor and eating in the drawing room while watching your favourite sitcom is a great way to prevent stains.

6. Be Prepared if You Have Leather Furniture

Leather furniture often has specific cleaning methods and products that are required to be used for their stain cleaning and upkeep. You can opt for using a specialized soap for leather upholstery protection Sydney.

If you have to clean your couch using soap and water it is also important that you dry it with a soft clean cloth followed by conditioning of the fabric with a leather conditioner.

You need to understand that leather furniture is intended to have that comfortable look, and you can reorganize it also to keep it even more guarded by not placing it right below the air conditioner. Pets, on the other hand, should not be left to become as comfortable on your valued leather couches. Their nails can cause cuts and tears right through the material, which is harmful for your furniture.

Another key thing to remember when it comes to leather is that it regularly needs expert care for its maintenance and when something damages it. It’s best to call in a sofa cleaning professional as and when you require help with cleaning this type of upholstery.

7. Prepare Yourself for Any Situation

It is better to be prepared in advance for exigencies. Keeping baby wipes or tissues in a cabinet in your living space makes it easy to deal with sudden spills that happen.  Spending on a good-quality power cleaner is a best way to keep your upholstery safe and clean! Using lint rollers for removing pet hair from your upholstery is also helpful to a great extent.

If your furniture is of a soft or delicate fabric, keeping carbonated water and soap at hand can be helpful in cleaning up and removing stains in a jiffy.

Follow these tips to protect your upholstery from every day stains. Now that you have become acquainted with these tips, it is time to use them and protect your upholstery from staining. Use these tips for sofa stain removal Sydney and to protect the fabric from stains! Knowing how to protect your upholstery from stains will grant a new lease of life to your home and also you wouldn’t have to care about spills anymore.

Even if they do happen, you will have familiarity in cleaning up those stains so that there is no chance to lose sleep over it. It is better to call in professional help whenever these strong stains do not budge from your upholstery.

Alice Sinia Quality Assurance Manager – Regulatory/Lab Services

Reviewed by: Alice Wiley, Ph.D., MSc

As experienced professional, Alice have dedicated her career to helping businesses alike maintain the cleanliness and appearance of their furniture. With over 16 years of experience in the industry, she has developed deep understanding of the various materials and techniques required to effectively clean and restore upholstery.She is committed to delivering exceptional results that leave her clients satisfied and provide technical assistance to branch offices and clients throughout Australia. In addition to technical expertise, she takes pride in my commitment to customer service.Alice also prepares scientific reports for Ajile Upholstery Cleaning on any changes or updates to government regulations affecting the Upholstery cleaning industry.

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