Lounge Cleaning Sydney

      Lounges are classy and make your home or office look more pleasing. However, uncleaned or stained lounges can make your place look shabby. It is important to clean the lounges regularly. For cleaning the lounge you need professionals who have mastered the techniques of safe and effective lounge cleaning.

      Sage Upholstery Cleaning Sydney is the top leading company that offers the professional lounge cleaning services. With our expert professional lounge cleaners, effective machines, tools and safe techniques, we can clean all types of lounges without any complications. Connect with us for the best lounge cleaning in Sydney.

      Why Hire Us for Lounge Cleaning Services Sydney?

      Sage Upholstery Cleaning Sydney is a professional and most popular name in the industry of lounge cleaning. We have the best longe cleaners and the latest machines for cleaning. If you have stained or dirty longe then you should consider calling us for the most reliable and safe lounge cleaning services in Sydney. Here are some other reasons why you should hire us:

      • We are available 24/7 for on-site lounge cleaning and customer support.
      • We offer exclusive customized services as each lounge is unique and needs specialised treatment.
      • We use eco-friendly cleaning solvents to safeguard your lounge's quality.
      • We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and guaranteed results.

      The best thing about our services is, you do not need to move from your house or do anything else. You just need to call us and talk to our staff about booking the services. We have a very easy booking system. So, call us today for professional lounge cleaning services in Sydney.

      Steps We Follow For Lounge Cleaning Sydney

      At Sage, ourprofessional lounge cleaning involves more than just moving a wand over your upholstery. When you book our services, we perform the procedure mentioned below. Stay assured when you come to us, we take care of everything right from our arrival to waving goodbye to a satisfied customer.

      1. Arrival on time:

      Our technician will arrive at the location according to the appointment time frame. We are very punctual and will give you a call 30 minutes before our arrival. Our professionals will review the order on file and will check your lounge thoroughly, checking the different areas and verifying the order on file suits the needs of the customer.

      2. Pre-inspection of the lounge:

      Our Sage professionals will identify and assess the condition of your lounge. Our fabric specialists will then inspect the fabric and identify the fiber type. We will also check if there are areas that will require extra attention.

      3. Pre-cleaning:

      After the pre-inspection and confirmation of the owner to start the job, our expert team will begin cleaning the areas as per the booked lounge cleaning service in Sydney. First, we to take out dirt and break it down with vacuum and make sure it will get out with the cleaning later.

      4. Color Fastness Test:

      Then, we perform fabric dye tested to determine colorfastness. We take a hidden area of the fabric or a corner and apply a solution to it. If there’s no reaction of colour fastness then we apply it to the rest of the area. This important step helps to regulate the safest lounge cleaning Sydney procedure.

      5. Deodorizer/ Sanitizer (Optional):

      Sanitizing or deodorizing might be needed in certain cases, such as pet stain or pet odor. This is an optional procedure and recommended if there’s a foul smell or you suspect bacteria growth in your upholstery.

      6. Leather Lounge Cleaning Sydney Process:

      If your lounge is of leather, then special care needs to be taken. Our technicians apply only safe and eco-friendly solvents, which enter deep into the leather material and extract all the dirt, dust, and contaminants. Steam will refresh the fibers of your leather lounge, and the vacuum will extract any residue leaving your upholstery fresher.

      7. Pre-Condition Fabric:

      If your upholstery is of fabric material, then a pre-conditioner is applied to loosen the soil which will help maximize the effectiveness spot removal step. We usually try to remove stains with the hot water extraction, but if it doesn’t work for your lounge then we would recommend special stain removal treatment. It depends; some stains will come out easy, whereas some will require deep cleaning. Further, we continuously inspect the fabric to ensure the best quality workmanship.

      8. Post-inspection of the lounge:

      When all cleaning is done, our professional will inspect that nothing is left unchecked and show you what did we cleaned and treated, and will ask for feedback on our lounge cleaning services. We aspire for 100% customer satisfaction, only then do we leave your premises.

      Perks of Cleaning Your Lounge Professionally

      There are many perks of professional lounge cleaning. Here are some of them. Have a look:

      1. Professional Lounge cleaning gives it the original charm. Your classy lounge may look old and dull due to dust and stain but by cleaning it professionally, your lounge can have that old charm back.

      2. Regular lounge cleaning adds years to your lounge’s life. By removing dust and dirt particles from the lounge keeps the material safe and makes it long-lasting.

      3. Maintaining cleanliness of the lounge helps you to have better air quality, hygienic surrounding and a fresh environment.

      4. You keep allergies and other health threats away by cleaning your lounge professionally every once or twice a year.

      Connect With Us to Know More!

      Sage Upholstery Cleaning Sydney is one of the most popular names in this industry. We have a long list of happy clients that call us without hesitation whenever they have an emergency or regular cleaning need for their lounge. We take care of your lounge with all our safe products. With sheer professionalism and dedication, our team is friendly and polite too. You will feel great when you meet them. Call us for booking our hassle-free lounge cleaning services in Sydney.


      1. Why clean lounges professionally?

      Professional lounge cleaners use effective and safe methods to clean your lounges. They have appropriate equipment, tools and other machines. Also, professional cleaners inspect your lounge and use safe cleaning agents.

      2. What if I clean the lounge by myself with water?

      If you clean the lounge by using DIY techniques and water then there are chances of damages as water can cause moisture and then mould and other bacterial growth. It is better to call professionals and let them clean your lounge with safe techniques and methods.

      3. Can I use a vacuum cleaner to clean my lounge?

      Yes. You can use a vacuum cleaner for everyday cleaning of your lounge. However, you need to be careful while cleaning.

      4. Do you use safe products to clean the lounge?

      Yes. We use completely safe and green products or cleaning solvents for cleaning your lounge as we believe in the complete safety of our customers.

      5. How can I let strangers enter my house for lounge cleaning?

      You do not need to worry. All our lounge cleaners are certified and licensed. While booking our services, you can ask the name of cleaners and verify them when they come to your place for lounge cleaning. We have been in this industry for several years and many lounge owners are familiar with us.

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